Our Auction of Promises

Friday 5th May 2107

Doors open 7:30

Hosted at Beecroft Garden Primary School



This is an evening fundraising event for adults, parents cares and Friends of the schools, and is open to people in the local community who wish to support these local schools.

This year tickets are FREE – please place your order online by following the link below or book your ticket at Beecroft Garden or Chelwood school reception:

Bar – Snacks (sharing plates can be ordered in advance through the online ticket sales)


Find out more

Here we have some information for you about the event and pledge forms that you can complete on paper or as word document and email to the auction pledge email address



Auction Letter

Pledge form

Some ideas of ways to help at the Auction



Watch this space:

Final List of Pledges  - WATCH this SPACE for this information

  • Check out  auctionofpromises  on Instagram  for up-to-date information about what has been pledged for the Auction
  • for on line /email bidding information please email your bid using the information detailed below to:


- I would like to place a bid for a Pledged Promise but I am unable to attend the Auction of Promises2015

- My name

- The lot number I am bidding for:

- Description of what I am bidding for:

- My starting bid (minimum £):

- My final bid (maximum £ ):

- I might consider making a higher bid   YES / NO

- If YES – Please call me on the night on the following mobile number:

Terms and Conditions