Welcome to our classes

At Chelwood there are three classes, Yellow class Green class and Blue class.

When a child starts Chelwood they will join a class that will be their  ‘family home’ for the whole time they are with us at the nursery school.  This helps children build up a strong sense of belonging to a group, in a familiar environment, with familar staff and a familar friendship group.

We would like to share our learning environment with you, so when families join Chelwood they will be given a personal ‘log-in ‘username and password  to access the ‘class pages.’  These pages will give families a chance to see what each class has been learning and exploring recently.


The staff and children are currently developing these pages and we look forward to sharing them with you soon.  Families will receive more information about this development through the school newsletters.

To visit the learning pages for Yellow, Green and Blue classes,’log in’ to Fronter below: