Chelwood is struggling to make ends meet.


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All schools are suffering from the current funding cuts but Maintained Nursery Schools like Chelwood are even more vulnerable than most – This year Chelwood will have to find in the region of £250,000 to maintain the level of service families have experienced over the past years.

Changes to Government funding of the early years free entitlement for 3 and 4 year olds, with the planned roll out of 30 funded hours for working parents,  will see Chelwood fall short of 40% of current running costs threatening the existence of Chelwood as you know and love it.

In these times of struggle Chelwood needs support from everyone who values the work of Chelwood Nursery School. 

Help us challenge the Government’s underfunding of Education and of Maintained Nursery Schools.
Help us to raise the profile of our nursery school – write to your MP about what Chelwood has meant to you and your family – we have a model letter available for you to personalise  

Letter to MP re Chelwood Nursery School

Please show your support:

Sign TWO petitions

Please sign and share to show your support:

and sign the paper petition at Chelwood 

  • Write to your MP. Chelwood’s MP is Vicky Foxcroft so if your MP is different, please send your letter to both. Find your MP here:
  • Use your social media to raise awareness of this petition with others and ask your family and friends to sign it too.
  • Follow Chelwood on social media to keep up to date with what’s happening:
    • Facebook @ChelwoodNurserySchool  & @ChelwoodHouseforFamilies
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Please help us keep going over the next year or so,  until the Government has decided what to do with the Maintained Nursery Schools they forgot when undertaking the Early Years Funding review!

What Chelwood is doing about funding shortfall

Resourceful as ever, Chelwood has been thinking ahead and has over recent years diversified to bring in additional income to meet an ever growing shortfall in funds. However this will not be enough after 2020.

This included:

  • applying to be a National Teaching School,
  • training a new generation of teachers to gain Qualified Teacher Status,
  • setting up the school’s charity Chelwood House for Families to help continue to fund activities involving younger children and families in the local community
  • hosting a range of fund-raising activities supported by people like you!
  • making bids to larger funding bodies such as Comic Relief and Awards for All.
  • selling expertise to other schools and Early Years settings
  • being the provider of Early Years training and professional development in Lewisham and beyond, through the South Thames Early Education Partnership – STEEP

Please support our fundraising activities:

  • Donate your time to help us fundraise and write bids for funding.
  • Support our fundraising activities eg.  
    • Run4Chelwood or Sponsor our runners
    • ‘Come and Play again’ on Friday 3rd May 2019 4-6pm –  Where we will be celebrating 80 years serving the community and campaigning for adequate funds to serve at least 80 more!
    • sign up to www.The Giving and choose Chelwood House for Families as your beneficiary and raise money for free overtime you shop online!   – see below:

Online shopping ~ help us while you shop!
If you shop online, you could support our charity, Chelwood House for Families  at no cost to yourself,  by joining the Giving Machine,
Join as a Giver, select Chelwood House for Families as your charity, and shop at your favourite online retailers through the Giving Machine website and the retailer makes donations to our charity.   
Chelwood Nursery School is only the thriving community it is because of all the support we have from all the families and friends, past, present and future, who make it so special.

Please tell others about what’s going on!

With thanks to you all for your interest and support
Nikki Oldhams