How the 30 hours childcare could work for you at Chelwood.

 The government is offering eligible parents 1140 hours free childcare per year.

This could be taken as:

  • 30 hours x 38 weeks (term time only)

  • 21.9 hours x 52 weeks (full year)

Chelwood will have a limited number of full time places so we may not be able to offer every eligible family a full time place (using their 30 hours during term time).

However, the offer can be used with more than one provider:

  • 15 hours at Chelwood and 15 hours with a childminder (for 38 weeks or term time only)*

  • 15 hours at Chelwood (term time) and 11 hours with a childminder (stretched offer over 52 weeks)*


  • 15 hours at Chelwood and 15 hours at another nursery (term time only)**

  • 15 hours at Chelwood (term time) and 11 hours at another nursery (stretched offer over 52 weeks)**


* At Chelwood Nursery School there are lots of local childminders who have collecting and dropping off children for many years. We have details of childminders familiar with the school held in a folder at the School Office. Parents can also visit the Childminder Drop In hosted at Chelwood House on Monday mornings  9.30 -11.00 am during term time.

More information about how Childminders and how they can support you and your child making a smooth transition to nursery and then on to Primary School can be found here.

** Combining two different nursery settings can present young children with some challenges that parents should think carefully about. We are happy to talk to parents about this.