Childminders play an important part in the the lives of many of our children and families, including many or our staff.

Lewisham Council provide information for families seeking a childminder which can be found here.

And have a useful leaflet  with advice for families on  Choosing A Childminder.

At Chelwood we work closely with many local childminders, who have been bringing and collecting children from the school for many years. They are familiar faces to staff and know how we work.

Many of our staff have very positive personal experiences of having a childminder, and are able to talk to families about their personal experience.

Chelwood cannot of course recommend any particular childminder to families, but can help you find out more about local childminders and signpost you to local information.

Childminders and 30 funded hours for working parents

Families eligible for 30 funded hours may wish to consider splitting the 30 hours between a part time morning or afternoon session at Chelwood (15 hours term time only – 38weeks) and the rest of the hours with your childminder.

This can be particularly beneficial in giving your child the continuity they need, when they start nursery by continuing an already established secure relationship. This will also be important when they start Primary school and where working parents will no doubt need before and after school provision with your familiar  childminder.