Chelwood Winter Scavenger Hunt

Twelve seasonal challenges for children and families to complete.

  1. Can you find a red leaf?
  2. Can you draw a letter or shape in the dirt or sand?
  3. Can you find sticks and make a square?
  4. How many different bugs can you find? (remember to leave them where you found them)
  5. Can you see something green?  What do you see?
  6. Do you see any flowers? How do they smell?
  7. Can you find something soft? Something hard?
  8. Can you catch your wintery breath in your hands?
  9. Can you find sparkling Christmas lights near the park?
  10. Look for how many birds are nearby.  Can you name their colours?
  11. Can you collect some acorns or conkers and make a snack pile for the squirrels to find?  
  12. Can you find a pine cone?