Welcome to our classes

At Chelwood there are four classes.

  • Garden Room – for our two year olds
  • Yellow class –  three and four year olds
  • Green class  –  three and four year olds
  • Blue class  –  three and four year olds

When a child starts Chelwood they will join a class that will be their  ‘family home’ for the whole time they are with us at the nursery school.  This helps children build up a strong sense of belonging to a group, in a familiar environment, with familiar staff and a familiar friendship group.

Children who begin Chelwood as a two year old will start in our Garden Room, a smaller and more nurturing space designed with younger children in mind.

When our two year olds settle into Garden Room they will know which of the nursery classes they will move to when they are three. The key person will move with them to support their transition.

The class pages have a range of home learning experiences posted on them giving you ideas of things you can do at home to support your child’s learning and development.