The Importance Of Outdoor Play

In accordance with our ‘Open Air’ history and philosophy, the children at Chelwood have free access to our outdoor environment for most of their session, what ever the weather.

We have embraced the Swedish saying;

“there is no such thing as bad weather…just bad clothing”

and encourage children and families to dress appropriately for the changeable British weather. We have waterproof coats, wellies; warm, hats, gloves and scarves; and sun hats, to enable children to be free to explore and learn in all weather conditions.

We plan for the children’s learning outside in the same way that we plan for the indoor learning experiences, drawing on the children’s interests in order to really excite and motivate them. The outdoor area provides opportunities for learning that we could not deliver inside.

The children are able to explore and experiment on a much larger scale here and enjoy a much greater freedom of movement. They are able to interact with an environment that is always changing ~ exploring different weather conditions, the changing seasons; different light and temperature conditions etc and they are able to develop a sense of wonder and respect for the natural world. The outdoor area offers unique challenges for children to work together, to solve problems, to take risks and to learn how to be safe.