The Importance Of Play At Chelwood.

The activities and experiences offered at Chelwood are designed to enhance the all round development of the children and support their physical, emotional, intellectual and social development. The activities are designed through observation of the children, what interests and excite them and through our understanding of the ways in which individuals and groups of children prefer to learn. Throughout their time at Chelwood the children will learn through active and investigative play both inside and out. Through this the children explore and develop learning experiences, which help them make sense of the world. They practise and build up ideas and learn how to control themselves and understand the need for rules. They have the opportunity to think creatively alongside other children as well as on their own. They communicate with others as they investigate and solve problems, making and testing predictions. They express fears or re-live anxious experiences in controlled and safe situations and they develop an understanding of and respect for the needs and emotions of others.