Working Together With Families At Chelwood.

Our most important aim at Chelwood is that every child feels welcomed, valued and listened to, that they feel a strong sense of belonging, both to their class and to the wider school and that they feel secure that their family life and the rich experiences that they enjoy at home are valued and built on at school. We know that the sense of well-being that this helps to create, will support the children in becoming confident and independent learners and as a result our commitment to working closely with families runs through everything we do.

Key Person

The staff work closely as a whole school team but each child will have a ‘Key Person’ who will be an important link between home and school. This person will work closely with the child and their family, finding out what is most important for them, what excites them and how they like to learn best. They will also come to know what each child doesn’t like or is worried about, so that they can support them most effectively. The Key Person will work closely with the family throughout their time at Chelwood, celebrating and sharing their achievements and supporting the child through their learning and development. They will also be an important support at times of change for each child, when they are first settling into Chelwood for example or when they are ready to move on to their primary schools.

‘Look What I Can Do!’

During their time with us each child will celebrate their achievements and record the experiences that they have enjoyed in their ‘Look What I Can Do’ book.

We encourage families to borrow and add to these at home and in school and in this way we are able to share fully the progress they are making and plan most effectively to support their next steps. We also meet regularly with families both through our ongoing reviews each term and informally through sharing our observations and reflections.

‘Stay and Play’

We encourage families to enjoy spending time together in school wherever possible, and we organise regular ‘Stay and Play’ sessions and special events where the emphasis is on having fun together and learning through play.