Stay and Play

What is ‘Stay and Play’?

‘Stay and Play’ is when families ‘stay and play’ at Chelwood with their child.

Families are always welcome to ‘Stay and Play’ on any day, and are welcome to arrange this for a suitable time, in consultation with your class team, or on one of our planned ‘themed’ Stay and Play sessions.

‘Stay and Play’ is about finding new ways for families to be involved in your child’s early years education, and gives families an opportunity to chat to the staff, to the child’s key person, to other families and to feel relaxed playing at Chelwood.

‘Stay and Play’ days are a chance for families to see an ordinary day at Chelwood. Families are able to play with their child in any of our classrooms or in our garden.

Sometimes we will have a planned focus to give families more information about how we teach certain areas of the curriculum.

‘Look What I Can Do!’

Families are able to look through their child’s ‘Look What I Can Do!’ book, and together add to it with photos and comments about what their child has been doing.