About our school

About our school

“We do loads of pictures and painting… loads and we play with our friends in the garden and in tiny corners and we get sticky hands… We like being messy … messy mixing We learn tricky things and we make mistakes but we just start all over again. Your friends help you when you are stuck. I like it here ‘cos I like playing with my friends.”
Ashon-Rae, Aamirah, Dara, Sam and William


“Chelwood has lots of things to play with everywhere and you can paint and go outside. We like to play and run around. This is important… that you know that big people help little people here. We teach them things like how to walk on stilts… that’s tricky”

In this section

“Tell people that at Chelwood we don’t really mess around at tidy up time because we don’t want to lose anything and we like to help people and be good friends. We have a garden and we water the plants and grow leaves and then we cook the things we grow and eat them. We have a sand pit. There is a turney thin and we make cement so we can build really high and make great things. We do lots of great making stuff. We don’t need help to do much ‘cos we can just do it ourselves.”

Dexter and Evan

“We play a lot and we be kind to each other and we learn tricky and important stuff like how to jump over things and hang upside down. We go outside a lot and we find spiders and worms and we be careful with them. You must be kind to creatures. We race and race really fast. I like fast! We can do everything ourselves and the adults are there to stop us bumping into people and they have fun with us.”


“We play outside and there are loads of people to play with.”

Heath and Gilly

“We have lots of toys and I think the best thing about Chelwood is the playing, we play a lot and laugh a lot. You can do things for yourself and learn new things – you can play with lots of people and we can make up our own minds about what we want to do. I like looking after smaller children… it’s important that I show them what to do. It’s like I’m their big brother. We have to be like the teachers here and I like that”