Our vision and values

‘Excellent personalised early childhood education for every child’

Our core values

  • Children come first
  • Start with the developmental needs of the child
  • Listen and respond to the many unique voices of each child
  • Nurture the family to nurture the child
  • Value play inside and in the ‘open air’
  • Value and celebrate every individual
  • Research-led early childhood practice
  • Work in partnership to develop ourselves and others
  • Develop confident, caring, independent children
  • Challenge inequality, promote social mobility and safeguard the vulnerable

In doing this we aim to:

  • Provide an education of excellent quality, which raises the level of achievement in all children in our school within a happy, welcoming, relaxed and stimulating atmosphere.
  • Create a learning environment which encourages a high degree of independence and autonomy in all the children, so that they can organise their own time and take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Ensure a broad and balanced curriculum which focuses on developing the whole child and incorporates meeting the physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, linguistic, cultural and cognitive needs of each individual child.
  • Value, respect and celebrate the rich mix of social and cultural backgrounds from which our children come and ensure that all the staff rigorously implement Lewisham’s Equality Policies regarding race, gender, religion, sexuality, disability, class and special educational needs.
  • Enable equality of access to the curriculum for all our children with opportunities to make good progress in their development and learning.
  • Work closely together with parents and carers in order to form a true working partnership, and thus share the important developments in these crucial early years of education.
  • Support and encourage parents and carers in taking a full and active role in their children’s learning and in all aspects of school life. Strengthening home/school links and consolidating our ethos of partnership in order to raise achievement in all our children.