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School dinners


For those staying for lunch at Chelwood, we provide a family service arrangement to serve a two course cooked school dinner. We serve lunch in class groups, and children eat together with familiar members of their class team.

Our meals are provided by Chartwells, and we are able to accommodate all common dietary requirements. If your child has specific allergies, please speak to us about menu options.

The importance of lunch time

Staying for school lunch is a very important part of school life, building friendships and providing new opportunities for your child’s learning.

Staying for school lunch is about eating, but more importantly it is about being part of a group and feeling grown up. It is a chance for your child to make new friends, to feel independent and capable serving themselves salad and pouring a drink of milk or water.

Lunch is a lovely time, children are encouraged to try new and different foods, to learn about healthy eating, and to talk about their likes and dislikes.

Quiet conversation is actively encouraged throughout the meal, it is a time in the day where very different experiences are shared; it is a time to talk with and to listen to our friends.

Don’t worry if your child is a ‘fussy’ eater

We encourage children to try new and different foods, they are encouraged and cajoled to try everything, but under no circumstances are children ‘forced’ to eat anything they do not want. If your child has eaten very little the class staff will make sure you are informed at the end of the day.

Being in a group and eating lunch with their friends has a wonderful effect on a child and they are surprisingly adventurous at school and will try lots of new foods that they might refuse at home!

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