Our governance

Our governance

What is the governing body for?

All maintained schools have a governing body.  The Department of Education states that the purpose of having a governing body is to:

  • Help the school to set high standards by planning for the school’s future and setting targets for school improvement.
  • Keep the pressure up on school improvement Be a critical friend to the school, offering support and advice
  • Help the school respond to the needs of parents and the community
  • Make the school accountable to the public for what it does
  • Work with the school on planning, developing policies and keeping the school under review
  • Exercise its responsibilities and powers in partnership with the headteacher and staff
  • Not intervene in the day-to-day management of the school unless there are weaknesses in the school, when it then has a duty to take action.

Governor details are provided for each governor who has served at any point over the past 12 months.

Meet our governors

NameRoleCategoryTerm fromTerm toLeads & Link Governor RolesCommittee MembershipBuiness & Pecuniary Interests
Angelika AllemanGovernorHeadteacher01/09/2029ongoingRescources Committee
Finance Committee
Beverly WalkerGovernorCo-opted2021-12-192025-12-19Health & SafetyResources Committee,
Safeguarding & Pupil Welfare Committee
Health & Safety Committee
Gill HickmanGovernorCo-opted2019-02-042023-02-04Resources Committee,
Safeguarding & Pupil Welfare Committee
Health & Safety Committee
Complaints Committee
Headteachers appraisals
Staff Dismissal
Harriet ClarkGovernorParent Governor2023-01-042025-01-04ResourcesNone
Heloise TsangGovernorCo-opted2020-02-042022-02-04SafeguardingResources Committee
Finance Committee
Safeguarding & Pupil Welfare Committee
Jane SmithVice-Chair of GovernorsCo-opted2019-02-042023-02-04Resources Committee
Safeguarding & Pupil Welfare Committee
Headteachers appraisals
Finance Committee
Satff Dismissal
Lee NorrisGovernorCo-opted2022-02-042024-02-04Health & SafetyResources Committee,
Complaints Committee
Health & Safety Committee
Martha MitchellChair of GovernorsParent
2020-12-192024-12-19Resources Committee
Finance Committee
Headteacher appraisals
Staff Dismissal Appeals
Nancy SpencerGovernorParent Governor2023-01-042025-01-04Resources CommitteeNone
Olanrewaju SharafaGovernorLA governor2020-02-042024-02-04Resources Committee
Finance Committee
Rosie StorrGovernorStaff governor2019-01-242023-01-24Resources CommitteeNone


NamePositionRoleBusiness & Pecuniary Interests
Chloe WelshSchool Business ManagerAdvisor
Michaela LoebnerInclusion & Diversity Lead and SENDcoAdvisorNone

Historic (left within 12 months)

NameRoleCategoryTerm fromTerm toLeads & Link Governor RolesCommittee MembershipBuiness & Pecuniary Interests
Fiona BrocklebankGovernorParent19/12/202031/09/2022Rescources Committee
Finance Committee
Jennifer BiltonGovernorCo-opted Governor2019-01-042023-01-04Resources CommitteeNone

For any correspondence for the Chair of Governors please contact the school office or School Business Manager.

How are parents' view represented on the governing body?

There are parent governors on the governing body.  They are there to give a parental perspective.  You can ask them to represent your view or ask a question on your behalf. You can also ask the Chair to put a particular item on the agenda.

Specific issues concerning any individual child cannot be discussed by the governing body.

If you have a complaint about the school which you have not been able to resolve using our Complaints Procedure, or if you have a complaint about the Headteacher, then you can contact the chair and ask for your complaint to be investigated by the governors.

Our committee structure

The Governing Body at Chelwood Nursery School, operates one main committee, the Resources Committee. All Governors at Chelwood are members of the Resources Committee

  • Resources Committee Chair–Jane Smith

(The All Purposes Committee was abolished in December 2014 when the Resources Committee was established.)

There are also some minor committees that meet: Personnel, Finance, Curriculum and Safeguarding and Pupil Welfare. These meet periodically and feed into the Resources Committee.

Additional committees & panels meet as and when required:

  • Pupil Discipline
  • Staff Grievance
  • Staff Discipline  &  Staff Discipline Appeal
  • Pay Appeal
  • Complaints Panels

These committees meet with a minimum of three eligible governors, who are selected according to the following criteria:

  • The three members can be selected based on suitability in terms of experience, balance (gender, race) and availability
  • If it was regarding a staff member no staff member on the committee
  • If it was regarding a child then no parent member on the committee
  • If four members were available then they would be chosen in alphabetical order

Governors meeting dates

2022-23 Governors meeting dates

20 October 2022

2 February 2023

1 June 2023

2021-22 Governors meeting dates

14 October 2021

27 January 2022

26 May 2022

2020-21 Governors meeting dates

1 October 2020

11 February 2021

27 May 2021

2022-23 Resources Committee dates

8 December 2022

16 March 2023

6 July 2023

2021-22 Resources Committee dates

9 December 2021

17 March 2022

7 July 2022

2020-21 Resources Committee dates

26 November 2020 

18 March 2021

24 June 2021

Copies of the minutes of Governors meetings are available on request. Please contact the School Business Manager at businessmanager@chelwood.lewisham.sch.uk 

Governors attendance