Paid places

The majority of our places are offered free using the governments free 15 and 30 hour funding.

We do offer paid places for the following:

2 year olds not eligible for government funding

Most of our 2 year old places are given to families who are in receipt of free 2 year old funding, however we do offer some paid 2 year old places. 

Our offer to paid 2 year olds is the same as to those funded by the government. This is 15 hours per week taken as either 5 mornings or 5 afternoons.

8:45am – 11:45am Monday to Friday
12:24pm – 3:45pm Monday to Friday


The cost of a paid 2 year old place is £180 per week (£12 per hour for 15 hours). This is paid either monthly or termly in advance.


Rising 3's

‘Rising threes’ are children who are registered pupils at a school but have not reached the age of three, but will do so before the end of their first term at school.  For example, a child starting at school in September, but who’s 3rd birthday is in October.

These children will not be eligible for the governments free funding until their second term at school. We offer these families the choice to pay for the first term. 

The cost of these places is based on £12 per hour. So a 15 hour place will be £180 per week. 

We only offer at small number of rising 3 places each year, so please make sure to indicate if you are interested in this offer on your application form.



Paid additional hours for those not eligible for 30 hour DERN code

For those families not eligible for the governments 30 hour DERN code, we offer them the choice to ‘top up’ their free 15 hours with additional ‘paid hours’.

The cost of this is based on our hourly rate which is currently £12 per hour. So this would be:
£180 for an additional 15 hours per week
£210 for an additional 17.5

Extending beyond 30 hours

Our 30 hours is offered as 9:00am – 3:30pm Monday to Thursday and 9:00am – 1:00pm on a Friday.

Parents are then able to extend their child’s place with ‘paid hours’ to include Friday from 1:00pm – 3:30pm.

The cost of this is £30 per week (£12 x 2.5 hours)

Scale of charges